"It’s rabbit day. Junior found me some rabbits." Big derpy grins counteract stupid reasoning, right? "I think he was gonna eat them, actually. But yeah. They’re seasonal. Do you like ‘em?"

"Uh huh." Said rabbits are getting some hard core ‘what the fuck am I suppose to do now?’ staring, because honestly, what is he suppose to do with tiny organic creatures?

Maybe he can just pass them off to Eve for rabbit day. Astrotrain isn’t really the type to get mad about regifting.

"…I think one just pooped on my hand." Frowning intensifies.

To be honest, he has no idea what you’re supposed to do with rabbits either. If they were made of chocolate, you were supposed to eat them. They’re brown, but probably not chocolate. Although you probably COULD still eat them..

Just going to gently scritch one with the very tip of a finger. The rabbit is quite perturbed and may have just screamed.  “Yeah, they do that a lot. It’s an organic thing.”


choochoomotherslagger replied to your post:
…….. the real question is, where did they get that?
I just assumed it was you that left it there.
Or some anon just happened to have it stockpiled. Not entirely an unusual thing, considering what they can do on a whim.

well.. i did sort of fling it around like some kind of rain god when i was a god, so i guess i can accept that

remember: one sip, or you die

"What's this?"

14. Flowers with your muses name on the tag

… would it be less weird if i said i was holding onto it for your brother

i told junior to find some bunnies cause it’s seasonal or something

he just uncovered a nest of hares

*A large basket, colorfully decorated with ribbons that match your paint job has appeared on a nearby table. It is filled with energon goodies, mercury sweets, oil cakes and a cube of vintage highgrade. Happy Easter!*

wait why am i getting free food

… oh wait, yeah, sexy alcoholic bunnies

i wonder if i could do a hunt type thing with these as prizes.. then again though i dunno if they’ll stick around that long..


Playing adventurer also gets you killed. or injured. or makes you go missing. makes you forget about the pretty little medic waiting for you. 

As for your usefulness?

You’re a scientific miracle, first of all. Studying your spark and your frame could bring about some.. interesting results. 

You also are a very warm and darling little berth when you’re around. You even come with your own spark pulse noise. I like that most, I’ll have you know. 

As a grounder living with flight frames, your abilities to transport other beings is still useful to this day. Not only that, but at least you can give conversation during the travels, something that the bridges and non-you transports can’t do. 

You always give the best gifts. A very useful skill to have when you’re dealing with spoiled ground frames like myself. 

You’re more intelligent than you appear, I’m sure of it. 

You’re normally funny, which is pleasant when I need a good laugh working with the Decepticons that I do. 

You’re excellent in the berth. Good for a release. Which may not seem like much, or anything of the like, but when it comes to me - it is. 

You’re entertaining too. You cause more trouble than you’re worth sometimes, but overall, it makes me roll my optics and smile. Good for you.

You’re useful when it comes to younglings too. I’ve seen you with them. You’re awfully patient. It’s almost adorable. 

You also know where all the good high grade is at…

/he’s just going to fall silent for a while, here. he’s always been awful at receiving (hopefully) genuine compliments - it has to get through the wall of self-hatred and self-doubt built up over 11 million years and more stupid mistakes than most civilizations have made. it’s an uphill battle, nicely painted water balloons versus a doom fortress./

/his first instinct, of course, is to refuse all of it. but he’s been getting better about keeping that shit to himself, especially when he knows it’ll damage already tenuous relationships./

/his second instinct is to point out that it sounds a lot like his uses still boil down to transport, highgrade, and entertainment. once again, he’ll keep it to himself./

/have a quiet sigh/

…. well, fuck

what do you suggest i do instead? i still.. i still want to make a difference on a grander scale, you know, and i thought…

i already told soundwave i would go. actually, he kind of ordered me to go when i told him i had the sword and blind confidence… which is sort of gone now. the confidence, not the sword.

i dunno what’ll happen if i back out, y’know?


also i’m not sure how i feel about science experiment being the first thing on the list, there

…. but thank you anyway